Historically, the BIG-IP full-proxy architecture has focused on flow-based processing, and this works very well for most protocols. However, some message based protocols aggregate distinct message streams in a single flow. Originally, iRules that needed to manage these protocols used the Message Based Load Balancing (MBLB) interface. This approach, while powerful, handled message flows but did not provide fine-grained control for directing messages to particular peers based on the contents, and also provided no built-in methods for message processing. It was all handled in iRules. In version 11.5, F5 introduced the Message Routing Framework (MRF) to BIG-IP. This framework allows the creation of sophisticated message and peer handling. It decouples peers, the transport used with peers, and both the forwarding and persistence of messages. This namespace supports message-based commands.
The iRule commands below are used to interact with the MRF messages.