About F5 Beacon

F5 Beacon is an application-centric inventory and business analytics/intelligence solution for Application Owners. The service delivers visibility/transparency and monitoring across the application portfolio. It is a SaaS solution that aggregate stats data from application components and allow to centralize monitoring analytics and customized visualization.


F5 Beacon supports agentless integration with existing F5 products, F5 services and with third-party source providers. The following built-in integrations are currently supported,

  • F5 BIG-IP
  • F5 DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service
  • F5 BIG-IQ
  • Datadog
  • Telegraf
  • UptimeRobot

Also, any source can be integrated with F5 Beacon with the following option,

  • Push - See Ingest API for the generic Beacon schema to use.