F5 DNS Cloud Service FAQ

Q1: How does F5 DNS Cloud Services differ from Cisco Umbrella?

Actually, the two services are complementary to each other.

Cisco Umbrella is a recursive cloud DNS solution—meaning clients on your network use it to resolve various domains on the internet. It protects users by inspecting their DNS queries. If it receives a query for a known bad FQDN/domain, it resolves the query to a server which hosts a blocking response page.

Alternatively, F5 DNS Cloud Service is an authoritative cloud DNS Solution—meaning clients on the internet use it to resolve your company’s domains. DNS Cloud Service provides inherent DNS redundancy, built-in DNS-targeted DDoS protection, automatic failover, and more, and it’s all built on a global anycast network to provide highly available and responsive DNS in any location.

Q2: How would I perform DNS queries for the zone I am configuring in F5 Cloud Services? Are the name servers documented publicly?

Yes. You can query against the anycast addresses that are returned when you create a new zone, and you can find them in the details of a zone as shown below in the user interface:

If you are using the API, the name servers are returned upon creation a new zone. You can see an example of this in the API Guidelines:


Q3: Who should I contact for help regarding F5 Cloud Services?

Send e-mail to: PM-F5aaS@f5.com