Release Notes: F5 Cloud Services

F5 Cloud Services are a set of enterprise-grade SaaS services for network administration, security, and application delivery. F5 Cloud Services are optimized for cloud-native applications and microservices.

Updates to the software are provided on an almost continuous basis. Each individual service is supported by a development team that works in “sprints,” which are short periods of development followed by a release. Large changes are developed over multiple sprints and then released as part of the next available sprint.

Release notes for Cloud Services are provided in two tables: Known Issues, for bugs and other issues to be changed or fixed, and Fixes, which details which issues have been fixed and when the fix became available by sprint.

Known Issues

The following table describes known issues for which resolutions are in development and will be available in a future release. If a known workaround exists, that information appears in the Description column with additional information about the issue itself. The Issue column shows the issue tracking number. As issues are resolved, they will be moved from this table to the Fixes table using the same tracking number.

Issue Service Description
F5CSDNS-251 DNS Primary IP Validation Needs to Prevent Leading Spaces on API side
F5CSDNS-393 DNS No altering mechanism for Zone Transfer Failure from primary DNS servers (mittigated with F5CSPF-942)
F5CSGSLB-559, F5CSGSLB-561 DNS LB Make display name required in API
F5CSPF-613 Platform User can’t have different roles in different divisions
F5CSPF-974 Platform No scroll bar for the account list after login
F5CSPF-1037 Platform Portal limited to a maximum of 20 divisions – Errors if exceeded
F5CSPF-1045 Platform When an owner-user deletes an invited user from their organization but not from their divisions, only the invited user’s organization membership is deleted


Fixes are updates to the services in response to bug and issue reports. The Issue column shows the issue tracking number, the Service tells which service is affected by the issue, and the Description column gives some summary information regarding the issue. The table is sorted on the Sprint Fix column, which indicates when the issue was resolved. To find a group of issues or a specific issue, enter a search string into the Search Filter below. For example “DNS” will reduce the table to only those entries that are for the DNS product or reference DNS.

Tracking Number Product Sprint Fix Description
F5CSINFRA-946 Platform F5aaS_Dec25_to_Jan7 DNS query count is inconsistent with the backend in the API and GUI
F5CSDNS-271 DNS F5CS_Jan8_to_Jan14 Subscription succeeds even when the zone transfer fails.
F5CSPF-636 Platform F5CS_Jan29_to_Feb11 Portal can get into a redirect loop when attempting to log in [intermittent]
F5CSPF-429 Platform F5CS_Feb26_to_Mar11 An invited user cannot accept the invitation if his or her email address contains a plus (+) sign.
F5CSPF-436 Platform F5CS_Feb26_to_Mar11 Limited/privileged user can invite limited/privileged users to the owner’s account.
F5CSPF-948 Platform F5CS_Feb26_to_Mar11 Need to provide more accurate DNS deployment status
F5CSPF-942 Platform F5CS_Feb26_to_Mar11 Display the last successful zone transfer to customer
F5CSDNS-275 DNS F5CS_Jan22_to_Jan28 Using abbreviated forms of IP addresses returns an error.
F5CSPF-474 Platform F5CS_Jan22_to_Jan28 Creating user without assigned account causes portal UI oddities
F5CSPF-289 Platform F5CS_Mar12_to_Mar25 Emails are case sensitive
F5CSPF-683 Platform F5CS_Mar12_to_Mar25 Enable users to view the list of IP addresses to white list for zone transfers. For the list of IP addresses, see Working with F5 DNS Cloud Service.
F5CSPF-1163 Platform F5CS_Mar12_to_Mar25 The data on the console page is wrong until it is refreshed
F5CSGSLB-334 GSLB F5CS_Mar26_to_Apr8 Dashboard metrics are not consistently displayed on all pages
F5CSGSLB-322 GSLB F5CS_Mar26_to_Apr8 GSLB services are not sorted in breadcrumb dropdown
F5CSGSLB-324 GSLB F5CS_Mar26_to_Apr8 “Domain name” label exists on IP endpoints when they should be specified as an IP address
F5CSGSLB-325 GSLB F5CS_Mar26_to_Apr8 Breadcrumbs are inconsistent across pages
F5CSPF-716 Platform F5CS_Mar26_to_Apr8 When you update information about an organization, you must log out and log back in to see your changes in the interface.
F5CSGSLB-332 GSLB F5CS_Apr9_to_Apr22 Disabled GSLB service still responding
F5CSPF-408 Platform F5CS_Apr9_to_Apr22 Phone number cannot be saved, phone number field will always be empty
F5CSPF-1053 Platform F5CS_Apr9_to_Apr22 The service state gets stuck on “UNDEPLOYING” if the new zone was never deployed
F5CSGSLB-274 GSLB F5CS_Apr9_to_Apr22 gslb-schema shows that some keys have default values, but those defaults are not set when keys are not specified during creation/update
F5CSGSLB-333 GSLB F5CS_Apr9_to_Apr22 It should not be possible to create multiple services with the same name
F5CSPF-616, F5CSFE-859 Platform F5CS_Apr9_to_Apr22 The phone number field does not permit enough characters in a phone number to include the country code.
F5CSPF-709 Platform F5CS_Apr9_to_Apr22 Your F5 Cloud dashboard does not show 90 day total
F5CSPF-1128 Platform F5CS_Apr9_to_Apr22 Metering - ListStatuses endpoint should return tier information in addition to uom for each period
F5CSPF-1129 Platform F5CS_Apr9_to_Apr22 Metering - ListStatuses endpoint should return tier information in addition to uom for each period
F5CSPF-710 Platform F5CS_Feb26_to_Mar11 The Deploy button should become active only after the system properly acquires the zone file.
F5CSGSLB-337 GSLB F5CS_Apr23_to_May6 Can’t activate service of cname type
F5CSGSLB-330 GSLB F5CS_May21_to_Jun3 Load balancing round robin with ratio does not work as expected
F5CSGSLB-470 GSLB F5CS_May21_to_Jun3 When creating new GSLB service instance: JSON payload update - replaced domains array with new load balanced records map.
F5CSPF-890 Platform F5CS_May21_to_Jun3 User’s email cannot be changed
F5CSGSLB-328 GSLB F5CS_Jun4_to_Jun17 Pool members’ collective ratio can be over 100%
F5CSGSLB-265 GSLB F5CS_Jun4_to_Jun17 Display_name key is not required and it causes issues
F5CSGSLB-314 GSLB F5CS_Sprint_10_Jun18_to_Jul1 “final translation” star icon always on
F5CSGSLB-521 GSLB F5CS_Sprint_10_Jun18_to_Jul1 Possible to create IP endpoint, Pool and Region with no name: user will see empty name field in the table with no possibility to open it till page is reloaded
F5CSGSLB-525 GSLB F5CS_Sprint_10_Jun18_to_Jul1 Filter by name doesn't work in IP Endpoints data table
F5CSGSLB-487 GSLB F5CS_Sprint_10_Jun18_to_Jul1 Embed new API docs in the portal
F5CSGSLB-550 GSLB F5CS_Sprint_10_Jun18_to_Jul1 GSLB is not resolving the CNAME and MX record query
F5CSGSLB-635 GSLB F5CS_Sprint_10_Jun18_to_Jul1 SERVFAIL caused by nslookup
F5CSGSLB-621 GSLB F5CS_Sprint_12_Jul16_to_Jul29 Dashboard calls for GSLB are done on DNS page: health statuses changing every 15sec to incorrect ones
F5CSGSLB-523 GSLB F5CS_Sprint_13_Jul30_to_Aug12 Adding IP endpoint/Pool/Monitor/Regions with name that is already in use replaces old object
F5CSGSLB-508 GSLB F5CS_Sprint_13_Jul30_to_Aug12 Error message doesn't go away from GSLB service page even after mistake was corrected
CSDG-383 DNS F5CS_Jun4_to_Jun17 DNS activation errors out with ipv6 master server address
CSDC-189 DNS,GSLB F5CS_Sprint_14_Aug13_to_Aug27 AXFR intermittently fails when multiple master servers are configured for the subscription
F5CSPF-717 Platform F5CSPF_PI01_I1 The cancel button intermittently doesn’t close the sliding panel when the form is invalid in IE
F5CSPF-1032 Platform F5CSPF_PI01_I1 UI: Sorting doesn’t work properly in some data columns: dns, users

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