Release Notes: F5 DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service

Product description

The DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service will provide a highly performant global DNS based load balancing platform in the cloud. Customers are able to configure a DNS based load balancer that receives incoming requests for a fully qualified domain name, and redirects those requests to a host or application address that lives inside a public or private cloud or data center. The service can make intelligent decisions about where to direct these requests based on things like availability of the hosts in the configured server pools, the performance of those hosts, or the geographic location that the particular request was sourced from. The supported protocols for performance and availability monitoring are HTTP/HTTPS, UDP, and TCP.


This release of the F5 DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service is considered a “Preview Service” under the F5 Cloud Services Subscription Terms. As such, the DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service is provided on a Preview Service-basis for a limited time for your internal demonstration, testing, or evaluation purposes only and not for use in a production environment. This also requires that you not submit any personal information (such as a person’s name or identification number or location data) to the Preview Service. For more details, please refer to the F5 Cloud Services Subscription Terms.

DNS Load Balancer Service Releases Overview of current release
GSLB Preview 1 (June, 2019) The preview 1 release adds a GUI to the DNS Load Balancer solution, giving API users the ability to monitor their load balancer service health, and giving non-API users the ability to setup, deploy, and monitor their DNS Load Balancer service.
Preview 0 (March, 2019) The preview release of the F5 DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service provides automatic failover, load balancing across multiple locations, increased reliability by avoiding a single point of failure, and increased performance by directing traffic to the optimal site.


Issue Fix Release Description
F5CSGSLB-265 GSLB Preview 1 Display_name key is not required and it causes issues
F5CSGSLB-274 GSLB Preview 1 gslb-schema shows that some keys have default values, but those defaults are not set when keys are not specified during creation/update
F5CSGSLB-314 GSLB Preview 1 “final translation” star icon always on
F5CSGSLB-322 GSLB Preview 0 DNS Load Balancer services are not sorted in breadcrumb dropdown
F5CSGSLB-324 GSLB Preview 1 “Domain name” label exists on IP endpoints when they should be specified as an IP address
F5CSGSLB-325 GSLB Preview 0 Breadcrumbs are inconsistent across pages
F5CSGSLB-328 GSLB Preview 1 Pool members’ collective ratio can be over 100%
F5CSGSLB-330 GSLB Preview 1 Load balancing round robin with ratio does not work as expected
F5CSGSLB-332 GSLB Preview 1 Disabled DNS Load Balancer service still responding
F5CSGSLB-333 GSLB Preview 1 It should not be possible to create multiple services with the same name
F5CSGSLB-334 GSLB Preview 0 Dashboard metrics are not consistently displayed on all pages
F5CSGSLB-337 GSLB Preview 1 Can’t activate service of cname type
F5CSGSLB-470 GSLB Preview 1 Schema change to subscription services endpoint - replaced domains array with new load balanced records map.
F5CSGSLB-487 GSLB Preview 1 Embed new API docs in the portal
API update 1.0.6 When creating a service with the API, display_name entries were initially optional, but are now required. For more information, refer the API Guidelines document
F5CSGSLB-508 1.0.6 Error message doesn’t go away from DNS Load Balancer service page even after mistake was correcte
F5CSGSLB-521 1.0.6 Possible to create IP endpoint, Pool and Region with no name: user will see empty name field in the table with no possibility to open it till page is reloaded
F5CSGSLB-523 1.0.6 Adding IP endpoint/Pool/Monitor/Regions with name that is already in use replaces old object
F5CSGSLB-525 1.0.6 Filter by name doesn’t work in IP Endpoints data table
F5CSGSLB-550 1.0.6 DNS Load Balancer is not resolving the CNAME and MX record query
F5CSGSLB-621 1.0.6 Dashboard calls for DNS Load Balancer are done on DNS page: health statuses changing every 15sec to incorrect ones
F5CSGSLB-635 1.0.6 SERVFAIL caused by nslookup

Known issues

The following table describes known issues for which resolutions are in development and will be available in a future release.

Issue Description

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