Troubleshooting tips and tricks guide

The following topic discusses tips and tricks for troubleshooting deployments.

Error type Recommended resolution
Can’t load license, may not be operational. Expired BIG-IQ license and/or pool licenses for your BIG-IP VEs. Using the floating IP (OpenStack) assigned to your BIG-IQ, log into your BIG-IQ, click the LICENSE MANAGEMENT -> Licenses blade, and then click Reactivate twice.
Expiring VIM passwords If you have running VNFM deployments, and your VIM password is expiring and you must change it, then you must first change the related VNFM secret, BEFORE executing any workflows. F5 recommends changing the VNFM secret, and then changing the VIM password to match. Related secrets include vsphere_password for VMware and keystone_password for OpenStack. If you do NOT change the related VNFM secret first BEFORE executing workflows, then your VNF Manager will become non-responsive.
Failed inputs file upload Inputs file is YAML, and tabs are not valid characters for YAML. Change all tabs to spaces.
Detect when and what caused a heal and scale workflow. You can receive Nagios logs for heal and scale events in VNF Manager. In the VNF Manager console, click the Deployments -> node/layer that was healed or scaled, and then scroll to the Deployments Events/Logs pane (add events/logs widget). You can also pull these heal and scale Nagios log entries using the VNFM API.

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