Deleting Container Ingress Service (CIS) AS3 configmaps

You can use this procedure to delete CIS AS3 configmaps, and also remove the associated configuration objects from your BIG-IP system.


This procedure requires you to restart the k8s-bigip-ctlr, and may briefly impact traffic processing.


Modify the bold lines in the examples below based on your ConfigMap.

  1. Log in to the command line of Kubernetes Master Node.

  2. To remove the associated configuration objects from the BIG-IP system, create a blank ConfigMap.

    For example:

    kind: ConfigMap
    apiVersion: v1
      name: f5-as3-declaration
      namespace: k8s
        f5type: virtual-server
        as3: "true"
      template: |
            "class": "AS3",
            "declaration": {
            "class": "ADC",
            "schemaVersion": "3.10.0",
            "label":"Sample AS3 Template",
            "remark": "Remove AS3 declaration",
            "stark": {
              "class": "Tenant"
  3. Deploy the blank ConfigMap.

    kubectl apply -f f5-as3-declaration-blank.yaml -n k8s
  4. Delete the configmap from your Kubernetes configuration.

    kubectl delete configmap f5-as3-declaration.yaml -n k8s

Example deployment and blank configmap