F5 ACI ServiceCenter User and Deployment GuideΒΆ

The F5 ACI ServiceCenter enables visibility, L2-L3 stitching, and L4-L7 app services between BIG-IP and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI).

By using the F5 ACI ServiceCenter app, you can add, manage, and log in to multiple BIG-IP systems.

Feature Capability
Visibility View BIG-IP network elements like VLANs, VIPs, and nodes, and correlate them with APIC information like Tenant | App | EPG.
L2-L3 Stitching Facilitates L2-L3 stitching between APIC logical devices and BIG-IP (CRUD operations for VLAN, self IP, and default gateway).
L4-L7 App Services

Create custom application definitions, with the ability to Dry-run and Submit the declaration.

It has two sub-tasks:

  1. BIG-IP: Enables creation of BIG-IP AS3 declaration by:
    1. Writing the declaration JSON in provided text box or
    2. Uploading AS3 declaration file
  2. Application: Enables AS3 application management with features
    1. Create/delete a partition on BIG-IP
    2. Create/update/delete application on BIG-IP

For support for the F5 ACI ServiceCenter app, file an issue on Github.

For details on supported versions, see Support.