Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Cloud Failover?

Cloud Failover (CS) is an iControl LX Extension delivered as a TMOS-independent RPM file. Installing the CF Extension on BIG-IP provides L3 failover functionality in cloud environments.

Cloud Failover is:

BUT… it is:

  • not created to include a graphical interface (GUI)

Where can I download Cloud Failover?

Cloud Failover is available on GitHub and is F5-supported.

When is Cloud Failover a good fit and when it is not?

Cloud Failover is a good fit where:

  • You require a simple method to upgrade the BIG-IP system without having to run the cloudlibs template

Cloud Failover may not be a good fit where:

  • Declarative interface is not desirable

Which TMOS versions does Cloud Failover support?

Cloud Failover supports TMOS 14.1.x and later.

Does it matter if I use Cloud Failover in same network or across network?

Cloud Failover is agnostic to same network and across network topologies.

How do I report issues, feature requests, and get help with Telemetry Streaming?

  • You can use GitHub Issues to submit feature requests or problems with Telemetry Streaming.