REST API Endpoints

Base Endpoint

Telemetry Streaming’s base URI is mgmt/shared/telemetry. The allowed Content-Type for POST requests is application/json, otherwise HTTP code 415 Unsupported Media Type will be returned.

Request example:

curl -v -u admin:<admin_password> -X GET http://localhost:8100/mgmt/shared/telemetry/info




Response is valid JSON data. When the response is HTTP 200

When the response code is other than 2xx, then the response body in general will look like the following object:

    "code": ERROR_CODE, // number
    "message": "ERROR_MESSAGE" // string


The endpoint to retrieve information about the application is <base_endpoint>/info. The allowed HTTP method is GET.


    "nodeVersion": "v4.6.0",
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "release": "2",
    "schemaCurrent": "1.0.0",
    "schemaMinimum": "1.0.0"

Declare configuration

The endpoint to declare/retrieve the configuration is <base_endpoint>/declare. The allowed HTTP methods are POST and GET.