Configuring the CLI

Where is stateful configuration stored?

The F5 CLI stores configuration settings and credentials in the user’s home directory inside a folder called .f5_cli. There are a number of files in this folder. Below you can see a description for each of these files and an example of information typically found in each one.

auth.yaml - Authentication information such as credentials used by the CLI

- name: bigip1
  authentication-type: bigip
  password: mypassword1
  port: 443
  username: myuser1
  default: true
- name: bigip2
  authentication-type: bigip
  password: mypassword2
  port: 443
  username: myuser2
  default: false
- name: cs1
  password: mypassword3
  authentication-type: cs
  default: true

config.yaml - Configuration settings used by the CLI

output: json


Typically changing configuration settings in these files is done using the F5 CLI directly, however for advanced use cases it may be a requirement to change the settings directly in these files.

Configuring credentials via environment variables

The F5 CLI reads credentials via environment variables if all the required information to login exists then the environment variable credentials will take precedence. The variables can be configured as follows:

# Credentials for cloud services
   export F5_CS_USER='';
   export F5_CS_PASSWORD='password';
   export F5_CS_API_ENDPOINT='endpoint'; # optional

# Credentials for bigip
   export F5_BIGIP_USER='admin';
   export F5_BIGIP_PASSWORD='password';
   export F5_BIGIP_HOST='';
   export F5_BIGIP_PORT='8443'; # optional

# Credentials for bigiq
   export F5_BIGIQ_USER='admin';
   export F5_BIGIQ_PASSWORD='password';
   export F5_BIGIQ_HOST='';
   export F5_BIGIQ_PORT='8443'; # optional


The F5 CLI is currently in early development and we want to hear from you! To provide feedback on F5 CLI or this documentation, you can file a GitHub Issue.