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Welcome to the F5 Container Lab’s Documentation!

The purpose of these labs is to give you better understanding of…

  • Docker
    • What is Docker?
    • How does Docker work?
    • Different flavors of Docker (I.e. Linux, Windows)
    • Lab getting comfortable with Docker
  • Kubernetes
    • Overview of Kubernetes and its key components
    • Install Kubernetes: One kubernetes Cluster (1 Master and 2 minions)
    • How to launch application in Kubernetes
    • How to install and use F5 containerized solutions
  • Mesos/Marathon
    • Overview of Mesos and Marathon and its key components
    • Install Mesos and Marathon with 3 masters and 2 agents
    • How to launch application from Marathon
    • How to install Mesos-DNS for service discovery
    • How to setup and install F5 solutions for Mesos / Marathon environment
  • RedHat OpenShift Enterprise
    • Understanding the relationship between RedHat Openshift Router and BIG-IP
    • How to launch applications node members and auto-scale to the BIG-IP via the Container Connector
    • How to configure BIG-IP HA with OpenShift
    • Configure advanced OpenShift configuration working with BIG-IP